Is Guud Hummus vegan?


Gluten-free? Nut-free?

Guud Hummus is a naturally gluten and nut-free product. It has, however, been produced in a facility where gluten and nuts may have been present. While we're here, sesame seeds are an allergen, and are found in Guud Hummus.


Organic chickpeas, filtered water, hand-squeezed organic lemons, organic sesame seeds, organic olive oil, organic garlic, sea salt.

Does it contain artificial flavours and/or preservatives?

No. We will never use any artificial anything in our hummus in order to keep it super-clean, healthy + yummy.

Is hummus all you have?

Yes! We believe in doing one thing well :)

Best way to knock it down?

Room temp and you’re good to go. If it’s still refrigerated, let it stand for 15 minutes, give it a mix, knock it down.

Is a kiss just a kiss?

If you have/can find a partner who kisses you right after you ate hummus, keep that partner. That’s true love. #putaringonit

Do you cater?

Yes, get in touch with us to arrange. And try GH as an office lunch or 3:00 snack – watch your energy and productivity sail!

“Will it hummus?”

We think Jimmy Fallon would say categorically, yes 1000%. Btw, if you have some way to ask Jimmy Fallon directly, let us know!

Want hummus?

Of course you do! :)