Not long ago, my engagement to the girl I thought was my person ended and we broke up. I got fatter from stress-eating and one day decided to make hummus—a healthy option to get me back in check.

Whenever I ate my hummus, I noticed a “party in my mouth”. Last time this happened was at a shack restaurant called “Local Thai Food” on Railay Beach in Thailand back in 2015. Mouth parties are rare, so with that, I set out to be Toronto’s hummus dealer! You might say this boy couldn’t pick up chicks, so he picked up chick peas instead!

Sidenote: I remain a single dipper…but I turned heartbreak 💔 into hummus! 💛

So, if you have a broken heart or something else bad gettin u down, remember that it’s never too late to turn it into something guuuud… It can be whatever you want, just do it!


Your hummus dealer in The6ix!